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DNA extraction from vegetable oil

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Adulterations dissipate the intrinsic value of vegetable oils with a worldwide economic impact. DNA unambiguously identifies foods. Scientific/commercial protocols for isolation are not applicable on all matrices. The CNR patent guarantees pure DNA for molecular traceability and is effective in all food oils, crude, rectified and filtered.

Technical features

DNA is suspended in reverse micro-micelles of the vegetable oil matrix. Current protocols show that its purification is fundamental and difficult. As natural contaminants as those derived from industrial treatments reduce their quantity and quality affecting the subsequent analyses.
CNR-IBBR Institute in Perugia has conceived an effective, fast and cheap procedure, provides for soft solvents and reagents, temperatures and times in prodromal succession, for the exclusive isolation of DNA suitable for the identification of species/varieties origin.
The application has been confirmed on artisanal, commercial, filtered and unfiltered, rectified, fresh and long-stored variants of olive, hazelnut, flax, poppy, canola, sunflower, corn and soybean oils.
It is possible to characterize the DNA from blends of several oils, up to minimum percentages of 5% of each component to recognize improper mixing. The reproducibility of the method is 100%.

Possible Applications

  • Certify the identity of local niche oils;
  • Recognize improper mixing with oils of undeclared origin;
  • Accrediting the method for “Food Chain” control protocols;
  • Implement the chemical / physical analyzes;
  • Identify GMOs;
  • Extract DNA from other fat matrices.


  • Innovative;
  • Generates sufficient DNA yield;
  • Effective in the purification of nucleases, phenols, sugars, gums;
  • DNA can be sequenced and amplified by PCR;
  • Applicable ex-post in all oily matrices of the supply chain.;
  • Quick;
  • Cheap.