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Dissipative and deformable panel

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The innovation applies in the seismic design and strengthening of buildings. In masonry existing buildings, the dissipative panel allow the seismic strengthening by implementation in deformable and dissipative floor or roof diaphragm. The innovative dissipative panel is made of dissipative devices allowing for a controlled deformation ensured by the panel inherent energy dissipation.

Technical features

The innovation consists of a deformable and dissipative panel, which can be used in the strengthening of existing buildings or in the construction of new ones. In masonry historical buildings, the panel can be implemented in both floor or roof diaphragms. in new buildings, it can be implemented in exterior or partition walls. The panel is made by dissipative devices based of friction energy dissipation connected to parallel and adjoining structural element sliding one to each other. The device can be made of steel with simple and cheap construction process. The friction energy dissipation is activated by stresses internal to the device which can be easily calibrated and they are practically not time dependent.

Possible Applications

  • Roofs and floors of existings buildings
  • Seismic-resistant walls and infills of new buildings
  • Strengthening of existing buildings
  • Seismic design of new buildings


  • Seismic energy dissipation stable and without structural damage
  • Technique in compliance with conservation requirements of historical buildings
  • Operability from the outside of the structure
  • Easy application
  • Low cost
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • Possibility of prefabrication