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Filtration Device

filtering cartridgehead lossesTrattamento acqueWater treatment


The invention consists of a newly conceived filtering cartridge aimed at overcoming the main drawbacks shown by usual commercial filtering cartridges.

Technical features

Filter cartridges for water treatment in pressurized circuits can induce significant energy losses, the entity of which increases with prolonged use due to the accumulation of filtered particles on the filtration surface. The process causes a progressive deterioration in performance over time until the filtering septum is completely clogged, resulting in the need to replace the cartridge.

Based on this limitation, a filtering system has been patented composed by a central element, consisting of a windowed polypropylene cartridge, covered with a thin-layered inert polyethylene terephthalate cotton and surrounded by granular elements. The aim of the system is to realize both a widespread mechanical filtration, with a reduction of pressure drops and simultaneous increase in the life cycle of the device, and a purifying action with an efficiency between 80 and 90%, adopting granular activated carbon with the reduction of harmful chemical agents, such as pesticides.

The device is located in existing standard containers in acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer for cartridge filters.

Possible Applications

  • Water treatment in domestic plants;
  • Raw/industrial water treatment;
  • Water treatment for low-pressure plants and/or high buildings.


  • Lower head losses;
  • Longer durability;
  • Economic advantage;
  • Combined action of mechanical;
  • Filtration and water treatment;
  • Hydraulic and energy efficiency;
  • Ecological compatibility;
  • Recyclability.