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Dirty Sensing: Miniaturized sensors for monitoring pipelines and tanks

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Dirty Sensing is a miniaturized device which monitors in pipelines and tanks, the thickness of the deposit layer and, at the same time, discriminates between organic and inorganic sediments.

Technical features

The sensorized device, simple, economical and modular, is designed to transmit real time data to an external cloud server which is used as database for a sophisticated artificial intelligence. The software is programmed to constantly monitor the status of the systems and sending an alert in case the security threshold is reached. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence is designed to provide services of optimized management, such as planning ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and efficiently calibrating process parameters in order to save resources and limit waste. Future steps are to integrate the technology with other sensors capable of detecting metal ions, released in water as a result of oxidation phenomena, which may represent another source of contamination of the water network and a threat to public health.

Possible Applications

  • Smart Cities;
  • Food industry;
  • Public health.


  • Possibility to discriminate inorganic from biological contaminants;
  • Adaptability to existing structures;
  • Measurement accuracy;
  • Low cost of technology.