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Direct X-Rays detection with SiPM



The invention relates on an innovative X and gamma radiation detection method, obtained through the direct exposure of a Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) to a radiation beam. A system of this type allows flow or dose monitoring for applications in radiotherapy and imaging, in the energy range between few  keV and some MeV.

Technical features

The developed technique is aimed at determining the X rays flux. This goal can be achieved by a direct current measurement, using a SiPM semiconductor detector. Currently SiPMs are exclusively designed for the detection of light in the range from infrared to ultraviolet. It has been verified that, under suitable conditions, the current induced in the SiPM, through a direct exposure to X-rays, is proportional to the flow of the incident X-rays
In these conditions it is possible to carry out a measurement using only the semiconductor detector, a few hundred microns thick, without coupling it with a converter material, thus reducing the size of the entire measuring system.

Possible Applications

  • Characterization of X-ray beams, both in the industrial and medical fields;
  • Flow measurements and spatial distribution of photon beams.


  • Small size;
  • Low cost;
  • Low supply voltage (<35 V);
  • Possibility of use even in the presence of strong magnetic fields;
  • Minimum perturbation of the radiation beam.