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Diode-pumped optical amplifier for ultrafast lasers

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Laser technologies are well established in the global market. One valuable branch of them is represented by amplified femtosecond pulsed lasers. These lasers are made up of two elements: the oscillator and the amplifier.  The patented invention addresses this latter element by proposing an alternative way to achieve an excellent amplification in a single pass and without the problems normally experienced by such devices. It delivers  outstanding results, especially when a high power oscillator is used.

Technical features

Amplified femtoseconds pulsed lasers (TRL 3) emit trains of pulses at a rate of 0.1-1 MHz with an energy per pulse from 50 to 200 mJ and a pulse duration lower than 1000 fs. Devices with these characteristics find applications in the industry of metals micromachining, achieving complex finishes in miniaturized structures (for ex. stents) maintaining an incredibly high level of precision. Moreover, femtosecond lasers are widely adopted in the cut of dielectrics and represent a fundamental instrument in advancing biomedical imaging techniques. In this context, the invention plays a key role in optimizing the intrinsic amplification element of the technology. Not only does it resolve all the common problems of the current optical amplifiers (for ex. optical distortion), but it also allows for the maximum extraction of energy, especially when paired with a high power oscillator.

Possible Applications

  • Precision laser processing of metallic and dielectric materials;
  • Metals micromiching and ultra-precise finishes;
  • Cutting screens (i.e. LCDs);
  • High resolution imaging for biological and medical purposes.


  • Simplicity;
  • Low-cost system;
  • High effectiveness.