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DIMOSS – DIsplacementMOnitoring/StrainSensors

Displacement field reconstructionMonitoraggioMonitoraggio strutturaleShape sensingSoftwareSoftware PackageStrain Sensor MeasurementsStructural health monitoring


DIMOSS is an integrated software tool for Structural Health Monitoring based on discrete strain-sensor measurements. It uses the discrete strains to reconstruct the full-field displacements, strains, and stresses experienced by the structure over its operational life. Real-time monitoring is possible and can improve safety and reduce maintenance costs of aerospace, civil, and marine structures.


Technical features

DIMOSS is based on the inverse Finite Element Method (iFEM), a shape sensing method that allows full-field displacement reconstruction from discrete strain measurements coming from either strain gauges or fibre optic sensors attached or embedded on the structure. The methodology requires the knowledge of neither the material properties nor the loading conditions. DIMOSS also offers the capability to optimise and identify the optimal sensor configuration based on the monitored geometry and user requirements. Additionally, it can also compute the structural strains and stresses from the reconstructed displacements. DIMOSS is built for compatibility with commercial Finite Element (FE) softwares like PATRAN/NASTRAN and ABAQUS for easy and flexible model pre-processing and results post-processing. TRL = 4.

Possible Applications

  • Real-time Structural Health Monitoring (aircraft, satellites, bridges, ship hull);
  • Control Strategies for Shape Morphing Structures;
  • Structural Stress and Fatigue Monitoring.


  • Structural Health Monitoring and fatigue life analysis on a predictive basis;
  • Simple and Efficient Structural Monitoring;
  • No need to know material properties or loading conditions;
  • Finite-element based methodology;
  • Software compatible with available finite-element commercial codes.