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Diagnostic KitNatural BioreactorPlant virus nanoparticlesSjogren’ sindrome


Pioneering technology based on innovative nanomaterial that are produced by a fast,  inexpensive and sustainable methods and with low environmental impact. The primary goal is to  develop a new kit to diagnose an autoimmune disease.

Technical features

The novelty of the technology is related to the development of plant virus nanoparticles  that are used for medical diagnostic test for autoimmune disease. In particular, it has been developed a vitro diagnosistic test for the Sjögren’s Syndrome. The main advantage of this innovation is related to the production process of nanoparticles, which is characterize by quickness and low cost compared to the traditional methods. In fact, the latter are based on costly chemical synthesis processes. Furthermore, traditional methods are extremely not reliable and not duplicable. The use of plant particles for the development of the test would make the diagnosis faster and non-invasive while the current methodology is based on salivary gland biopsy. The last one causes allergies, bleeding and loss of sensitivity.

Possible Applications

  • Medical diagnostic tools
  • Cosmetic
  • Nutraceutical
  • Plant Protection


  • Non invasive test
  • Cheap
  • Quick result
  • High precision
  • Eco friendly