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Diagnosis/monitoring of mucormycosis

EliSpotFungal infection diagnosisInvasive MucormycosisMucorales-specific T cells


A method is described for the diagnosis and/or monitoring of active or previous infection by Mucor which consists in the identification of Mucorales-specific T cells in samples from biological fluids taken from the patient and put into contact with a Mucor antigen. These specific immune responses can be detected by the execution of an in vitro immunoenzymatic assay (ELISPOT).

Technical features

The present invention provides for using of EliSpot assay to identify the presence of Mucorales-specific T cells producing a characteristic pattern of cytokines. The detection of specific IFN-g, IL-10 and/or IL- 4 producing T cells can be used for the determination of the risk of infection, for the diagnosis of Invasive Mucormycosis, for the monitoring of active or previous infection.

Possible Applications

  • Biotechnology Company;
  • Pharmaceutical Company.


  • Early diagnosis of Invasive Mucormycosis (IM);
  • Monitoring of active or previous infection;
  • Correct administration of antifungal therapy.