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Device with modular body chain for knee assistance

Assistive deviceDriver with actuatorKnee movementModular body chain


It is known how state-of-the-art knee-support devices cause high discomfort for the wearer. During the movement, in fact, the unwanted forces generated by the assistance device act directly on the knee joint, causing pain and causing the patient to make wrong movements, invalidating the rehabilitation exercise. The objective of this invention is to provide a stable knee movement assist device that ensures a high level of comfort for the user.

Technical features

The device includes: a garment that can be attached to the waist and a garment that can be attached to a calf of the patient. A transmission cable connects the calf garment with an actuator inside the waist garment. The actuator includes a driver, which when active, generates a rotational force that the actuator transforms into a tension force, transmitting it to the calf garment. The latter includes a chain with a modular body with a free end including a groove, in which the transmission cable is channeled. The chain is configured to be switched between an initial configuration, in which the fixed end (the part in contact with the calf garment) and the free end of the modular body are at a first distance, and a limitation configuration, where the modular body is arranged along a direction of curvature so that the fixed end and the free end of the modular body are at a second distance, less than the first distance. The user’s knee flexion switches the modular chain body between the initial configuration and the limitation configuration. TRL=4.

Possible Applications

  • Assistance of patients undergoing knee rehabilitation therapy.


  • Reduce the risk of wrong movements in the knee by the user, ensuring high comfort.