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To date, dermatoscopy, which is a non-invasive technique aimed at the early diagnosis of skin tumors or other skin lesions, is often used to carry out diagnostic investigations on tumor-like skin lesions, based on an optical instrument called a dermatoscope. Typically, the dermatoscope is a manual instrument including a lens, capable of providing enlargements of the skin area to be analyzed, specially illuminated with an incident light. This approach based on visual inspections is highly dependent on the clinical operator’s experience, as it is exclusively based on the recognition of some specific characteristics of the lesion.

Technical features

This is a device for supporting dermatological diagnosis for the recognition of a skin lesion, in particular for assessing the nature of the lesion, comprising a vision module including at least one sensor designed to acquire an image of a patient’s skin lesion, and a spectroscopy module including at least one spectroscope.
This invention develops a dermatoscopic device, designed to provide objective information on the inspected skin lesion, in order to get a particularly precise characterization, and therefore to optimize the dermatological diagnosis, so as to reduce the variability linked to the experience of the medical operator.

Possible Applications

  • Dermatological screening;
  • Support to dermatological diagnosis.


  • Better diagnosis for the early identification of melanoma-type tumor lesions;
  • Optimization of dermatological diagnosis operations;
  • Reducing medical operator error.
  • Obtaining objective and quantitative information on the skin lesion analyzed.