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Device for wave energy conversion

Double resonanceOWCPunctual absorberWave energy


New hybrid concept of wave energy converter that allows for electricity generation from the Mediterranean Sea waves. Mixing the properties of the point absorber and the oscillating water column (OWC), it harvests the energy from the relative motion between the floating structure and the internal water column.

Technical features

The device contains a particular turbine capable of converting wave energy into electrical one, when installed off the coast.  Inside of it there is a cavity known as “moonpool”, allowing for the sea water to enter, while the device itself is free to move. The device is thus able to exploit the relative speed between the wave motion and the oscillation of the object. In this way the electricity production is maximized.

Possible Applications

  • Designed specifically for electricity supply in small islands with scarce resources;
  • Particularly efficient within seas with moderate energy content.


  • Reduced dimensions comparing to similar devices;
  • Low market saturation as it regards wave energy conversion in small seas;
  • Capacity to generate greater amount of energy from waves;
  • Affordable renewable energy.