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Device for the treatment of postpartum uterine hemorrhages

Balloon tamponadeSealing connectorUterine bleeding


Operations performed to stop uterine bleeding are well known as balloon tamponade. In such a method, a deflated balloon is introduced through the vagina and cervix into the uterus and then filled with saline to be inflated. Thus, by applying pressure to the damaged walls of the uterus, bleeding stops. The invention is to use a sealed connector to attach the end of a tube to a condom in order to avoid any possible leakage.

Technical features

The invention is uses a sealing (anti-leak) connector to connect the end of a tube to a condom in order to avoid any possible leakage when a fluid is flowed through the tube into the condom to inflate it. The saline solution is entered via a syringe or directly by lifting a filled bag. Furthermore, the invention provides for a semi-rigid introducer to be inserted inside the tube to help the operator guide the device effectively in the uterus. This disposable emergency kit, consisting of a tube to which a condom is attached, is an innovative solution for developing and low-income countries as an alternative to commercial products. The technology has a TRL 3.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment of postpartum hemorrhages in developing countries;
  • Emergency kit in disaster areas.


  • The device can be used in conjunction with materials already available in those places, i.e. without profound changes to the normal procedure.