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Early diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease and monitoring of anti-rejection transplant therapies

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The patented technology is the result of an elaborate multidisciplinary research project of physical, organic and computational chemistry, and consists of a nanofunctionalized device that allows to achieve a double objective through the monitoring of a specific biomarker. The first achievement consists in the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases, while the second one allows the improvement of the control of the post-operative course of patients who have undergone organ transplants.

Technical features

The invention differs from known neurodegenerative disease (ND) diagnosis techniques for lower costs, accuracy, speed and specificity of the results obtained. The patented kit is equipped with a nanosensor that allows direct analysis of biological samples, in order to identify an ND and suggest the beginning of therapies suitable for its proper and timely treatment. With reference to organ transplants, the patented technology allows efficient and low-cost monitoring of the operating course, allowing efficient modulation of anti-rejection therapies, in order to limit side effects, over-dosages and other undesirable consequences. The research and the patent have been awarded numerous prize and recognitions in the years 2015-2018; the technology TRL is high enough (4) to believe that, with targeted investments and without prejudice to the successful end of clinical trials, the new kit can reach the market in a short time ensuring a considerable competitive advantage to the licensee.

Possible Applications

  • Early neurodegenerative diseases diagnosis;
  • Post-transplant patient monitoring;
  • Therapies’ customization.


  • Multi-use and portable device;
  • Low-cost device;
  • Easy-to-use reliable and precise device;
  • Test allowing a fast results;
  • Scalable technology.