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The disinfecting power of UV radiation against pathogenic microorganisms is well known; however, UV disinfection systems known to be effective, in particular with wavelengths operating in the so-called UVC band (between 250 and 280 nm), require a dosage of several mJ / cm2 (variable depending on the microorganism considered) and obtainable using relatively high power sources and / or a relatively long stay of the air in a confined area subject to radiation. It follows that known systems have considerable application limits. For example, they are not suitable for creating compact, portable and / or easily applicable solutions to existing assisted breathing systems, or for the disinfection of high-flow air flows. The purpose of the present invention is the realisation of a device for the disinfection of a fluid flow that is free of the drawbacks of known devices, increasing the flow of radiation through the use of reflective surfaces applied to the illuminated volume.

Technical features

Device for the disinfection of a volume containing an aeriform fluid comprising a hollow body (2) having a reflecting internal surface (7), an inlet (3) and an outlet (4), and one or more sources (5) of UV-C radiation placed inside the body (2); the body (2) defines an optical cavity that generates a multiplicative effect of the lighting intensity due to multiple reflections inside. The device can be used in breathing systems or assisted ventilation for the disinfection of the air exhaled by a patient.

Possible Applications

  • Applicable to existing assisted breathing systems;
  • Applicable to systems for the disinfection of high flow rate air flows;
  • For the disinfection of any type of gaseous fluid;
  • Possible modifications for air disinfection of an air conditioning duct.


  • Compact and portable device;
  • Easily applicable to existing assisted breathing systems;
  • Applicable to high flow rate air flow disinfection systems;
  • Modifiable for air disinfection of an air conditioning duct.