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Device for the calibration of industrial robots

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The characteristics of this device and method for the calibration of an industrial robot offer the possibility of calibrating the z coordinate of a plane and the x and y coordinates of a vision system with a single tool. Thanks to its tip, in fact, it can measure the displacement in z and perform the centring of a calibration disc.

Technical features

Calibration is of great importance in industrial robotics because it allows to increase the precision of the robotic system in reaching certain positions, creating a precise mapping between robot coordinates and positioning. When picking and placing objects, calibration allows to reconstruct the gripping plane in robot coordinates. It therefore allows achieving precise movements and positioning of pieces, avoiding any destructive interaction with the worktop. The patented device is equipped with a tip and a slide whose stroke is measured by means of a linear incremental encoder with magnetic band. These features allow to combine in a single operation the probing of the plane and the calibration of a camera placed above the work area. This saves a considerable amount of time by performing a simultaneous calibration in the x, y and z coordinates with a single tool. At present, a prototype (TRL 4) has been developed for experimental validation. Future development will focus on creating a flexible system that can be adapted for calibrating different tools, and easily adapt to different applications,without having to rebuild the device.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial robot applications that require precise the calibration of surfaces (e.g. 2D robot guided by a camera);
  • Flexible industrial robot applications.


  • Compensates z axis;
  • Blocks pneumatically in any position;
  • Reads compensation continuously;
  • Performs centering of objects;
  • Carries out joint calibration procedure of a surface and of a connected camera.