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Device for self administration of eye drops (EDA)

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Self-administration of eye drops, despite appearing an easy operation, often results cumbersome or impossible. This device, Eye Drop Aid (EDA), facilitates the correct execution of the maneuver, providing stability, correct positioning of the eye drop bottle, and guiding the eye drop fall into the eye without contact. It is simple to produce and has low cost.

Technical features

The device is a cone with a precise and complex design, based on eye and orbit anatomy, allowing quick and optimal positioning of eye drop dispensers, also in presence of motor coordination problems (such as in elderly people). The dispenser is kept at safety distance from the eye, thus avoiding possible trauma or eye drop contamination. In fact, sterility during the administration is assured because bottle nozzle passes through EDA hole and the drop falls in the conjunctival sac without touching the device. Eye drop waste due to imprecise administration is avoided and administration is comfortable due to the eye protection feeling. EDA exists in universal and in stereo-specific variants (right and left eyes). The material, food grade polypropylene,  is easily processable, biologically inert, anti-bacterial, non toxic, pleasant to the touch, opaque but semi-transparent, recyclable. Its rupture does not create sharp edges. EDA has low production costs and can be commercialized alone or in combination with eye drop bottles/ vials or other devices for eye treatment.

Possible Applications

  • Self eye drop administration;
  • Eye drop administration.


  • EDA allows eye drop self administration also in presence of motor coordination problems
  • It prevents eye trauma;
  • It helps maintaining sterility during the maneuver;
  • It reduces eye drop waste;
  • It increases comfort;
  • It has low production costs.