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Device for parallel processing of data in memory

Computazione in memoriaCTENEXTIn-memory computingInformatica Tsd EnIPA21NanotechnologyRacetrack memory


This invention represents a nanoelectronic device that is able to both memorize and elaborate data. Data are stored on a magnetic strip of nanometer sizes. At the same time it is possible to do simple logic operations on the stored data, without the need of using external circuits.

Technical features

The invention is composed by a magnetic strip of nanometer sizes, used to store data. The memory is non-volatile and has a low power consumption. By using a magneto-tunnel junction the data can be read and written electrically; where the data is written by injecting a current through the magneto-tunnel junction, and read by measuring its resistance. Data can be shifted through the memory by injecting a current that flows along the magnetic strip. By applying an external global magnetic field to the whole circuit, it is possible to execute elementary logic operations on the data stored inside the magnetic strip. The type of logic operation performed can be programmed bit by bit. More importantly all data stored inside the memory can be elaborated at the same time, like in content addressable memories.

Possible Applications

  • Internet of Things (IoT);
  • High performance data computing systems;
  • Big data;
  • Artificial intelligence systems;
  • Low power embedded systems.


  • Ability to elaborate data directly inside the memory;
  • High memory density;
  • Possibility to create 3-dimensional circuits;
  • Low dynamic power consumption;
  • No static power consumption;
  • Non volatile magnetic memory;
  • Extremely high endurance.