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Device for opening/closing a moka coffee pot

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Device to facilitate the opening of coffee pots and similar objects, which functions as a medical assistive device for people with reduced and/or painful functionality of the hand for various diseases and/or elderly. It consists of a base for housing the coffee pot and an upper handle with a morphology that facilitates the opening and closing of the coffee pot using only the palms of the hands.

Technical features

The invention consists of a device to facilitate the opening of moka coffee pots and/or similar objects by hand. It consists of two parts: a base and a top/handle. the lower part (base) is suitably shaped to house the base of the moka coffee pot and equipped with an anti-slip device that blocks its relative movement with respect to the worktop or table surface. The upper part (top or handle) is shaped to avoid the relative rotation of the upper part of the moka pot, and to allow the opening/closing of the moka by applying a torque force using only the palms of the hands, avoiding force stresses on the hand joints, in particular the fingers. The invention is made of polymers and can be sold as an injection molded part. Both the base and  the handle properly shaped with concentric carvings to suite different model and size of coffee pot, or, conversely, the 3D CAD file of the device, dimensioned for a specific model and size, can be sold directly, so that a customer who owns a 3D printer can independently 3D print (additive manufacture) the device for his/her coffee pot.

Possible Applications

  • Patients affected by chronic diseases or permanent disability of the hands and/or upper limbs (home use as assistive device);
  • Elderly people (kitchen aid);
  • Patients affected by temporary disease/disability or during rehabilitation (home use and/or in occupational therapy clinics);


  • Adaptable to different types/sizes of moka pots, thanks to concentric carvings;
  • It provides a more efficient lever for opening / closing the moka pot;
  • Cheap and Easy-to-use;
  • Washable;
  • Assemblable before being stored;
  • 3D printable and customisable in sizes and colours.