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Device for measuring the pressure of yacht sails

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The invention is a system for measuring the surface distribution pressure on the sails of boats. The measurement gives users the ability to assess the efficiency of adjustments made while sailing, evaluate the changes being made and optimising performance.

Technical features

The proposed measuring system consists of modified  pressure scanners connected to measuring points on the sails by means of pneumatic connections. The measuring point on the sail, placed on metal capillaries, are made from a pad of extremely flexible material onto which holes and micro-channels are drilled. By drilling a small hole in the sail and attaching it to the pad, it is possible to obtain two measuring points, one on each side of the sail. By connecting the pad to the pressure scanner by means of PVC microtubes, it is possible to measure the differential pressure between the two sides of the sail. The measuring system can be integrated into the instrumentation of medium/high level boats, in particular racing boats. The system can be useful both during training and racing (if allowed) to check and eventually modify any adjustments made.

Possible Applications

  • Sailing boats;


  • Simplicity compared to similar systems (also used in non-scientific fields);
  • Reduced impact on both sail characteristics and normal sailing dynamics:
  • Autonomous and integrated with the standard instrumentation on a sailing boat;
  • Can also be used by a “non-expert” user.