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The present invention relates to significant innovations in the measurement and transmission of physical or chemical parameters and has the purpose of increasing the accuracy and availability of the measurement in the presence of fluctuations, or variations, of the supply voltage.

Technical features

Integrated microchip sensors are based on the conversion of the physical or chemical quantity to be measured into an electrical signal that can be transmitted outside the microchip through appropriate communication systems.
With current systems the transduction of the quantity to be measured into an electrical signal is always influenced by the power supply voltage of the circuit, which penalizes its accuracy.
The measuring device to obviate such inaccuracies contains at least two independent transducers capable of converting the parameter to be measured, for example temperature, into an oscillating electrical signal.
Furthermore, through the measurement of the two or more frequencies by a reading instrument external to the microchip, it is possible to uniquely trace the value of the parameter to be measured

Possible Applications

  • It can be applied to wired and wireless sensors.


  • Greater precision in measurement independent of supply voltage;
  • Applicable to any chemical or physical parameter;
  • It allows to uniquely trace the value of the parameter to be measured.