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Device for learning language structures

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The invention relates to a teaching device for learning or exercising in the use of language structures, which includes a plurality of flat tiles of various shapes which can be connected to each other so as to form a composite structure, to be used as a didactic game.

Technical features

The invention concerns a teaching device for learning, comparing and/or practicing language structures. In the spirit of fostering entertaining, hands-on approaches to education, the device uses the physical manipulation of tiles representing words to stimulate learning of the lexicon and the syntactic structures of three different languages (currently Italian, English and German). The very same pieces allow the user to compose sentences in each of these languages. The device includes a plurality of flat tiles of various shapes which get connected to each other, then swapped according to a simple system of symbols, so as to form a tree structure which can be read off as a sentence. The latches between tiles and the symbol/swap system allow the users to assemble only  sentences which are grammatically correct in the various languages, and graphically show the differences in word order.

Possible Applications

  • Teaching device for language learning;
  • Language teaching;
  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge.


  • Experiential, visual learning of language and syntax;
  • Multilingual tool;
  • Playful aspect of learning.