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A device to facilitate egg collection for mass rearing of insects belonging to Hermetia illucens (Diptera, Stratiomyidae) consists of a series of stacked cylindrical module swhich, once assembled, can slide inside a special tube. These modules make it possible to easily remove the laid eggs, also avoiding adult flies to escape from the cage.

Technical features

The structure for the industrial rearing of adults of the black soldier fly Hermetia illucens includes a device to facilitate the deposition / collection of eggs. This device includes a tank which, through an opening, gives off an attractive compound for the females, and is connected to a body provided with a plurality of lamellae spaced by interspaces suitable for facilitating the insertion of the eggs. The device has a particularly efficient structure, compact, of simple construction and, thanks to the peculiar mechanism of extraction / insertion prevents the escape of adult insects limiting to a minimum the tampering of eggs. This device is there fore a useful tool for the industrial production of insects that can be used to valorize organic waste, efficiently converting heterogeneous organic substrates into a high added value biomass, rich in proteins and fats.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial insect production;
  • Production of feed with high protein content for poultry and fish rearing;
  • Valorisation of organic waste and industrial organic byproducts;
  • Proteins, fats and chitin production for industry applications (i.e. bioplastics and biodiesel).


  • Facilitate the eggs collection;
  • Avoid accidental eggs damages due to the collection act;
  • Reduce the collecting time;
  • Avoid any human-insect physical contacts;
  • Permit a better scalability of the whole process;
  • Avoid any escape of flies from the rearing cage.