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Enteral nutrition is conducted, in most cases, through the use of the nasogastric tube which is then fixed and held in place through sutures made at the level of the nasal septum or columella, or through the positioning of adhesive devices. Displacement from the nasogastric tube site is a frequent occurrence. The object of the present invention is that of solving the problems left open by the usual techniques of fixation in place of the probe, providing a device for reliable fixing, not burdensome for the patient and with contained costs.

Technical features

A ring shaped device made from flexible plastic material (silicone, rubber, etc.) combined with a needle-like component which, with a principle similar to that used for nasal piercings, is fixed at the level of the columella / septum nasal through a device similar to the gun used for nasal piercings. An elastic tape element is then fitted to the ring and wrapped around the nasogastric tube holding it in place. The use of rubbery and/or elastic materials makes it possible to obtain a highly flexible ring capable of cushioning the small movements of the nasogastric probe. Hypoallergenic and dermo-compatible materials can be used as constituent materials.

Possible Applications

  • Hospitals;
  • Healthcare settings;
  • Ambulances.


  • Good retention of the tube;
  • Fast and easy to apply of;
  • Easy and non-invasive maintenance;
  • Good patient compliance;
  • Durable components;
  • Simple components and construction process.