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Device for diagnosing railway bogies

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The invention relates to a measuring and wireless transmitting bolt in order to detect and send the data related to the dynamics and thermal stress of a mechanical device, such as a railway bogie. Moreover it allows the monitoring of the state of wear of the rolling stock and the execution of any maintenance operations, at reduced costs. It also provides a control logic for the device.

Technical features

It is proposed here the use of a miniaturized, wireless based and energy autonomous system, constituted by an instrumented bolt for axle-boxes. The system includes:

  • A CPU Board Control Center;
  • A rechargeable battery;
  • MEMS-based inertial sensors;
  • A temperature sensor;
  • A miniaturized energy harvester;
  • A wireless RF transmitter.

The screw is part of a monitoring system which includes two control units:

  • One on carriage for local control;
  • One on the tractor, equipped with alarm systems and / or display to report any anomalies to the driver.

The control logic for the data processing is based on programmable parameters and operates on a cycle of measurement, and not on continuous measures, based on the driving dynamics station.

Possible Applications

  • Vehicle Diagnostic;
  • Substitution of bolts/screws for closing the axle-boxes covering;
  • Braking Systems;
  • Suspensions;
  • Measurement & Wireless transmission of data related to dynamic stress.


  • Reduced cost and time of maintenance and diagnostics;
  • No need for re-approval of the vehicle according to the current regulations;
  • Reliable and precise monitoring;
  • Reduced energy consumption (through energy harvester technology);
  • Instrumented Mechanical Components.