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Device for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and environments



The present invention describes an integrated, automatic and programmable device for the nebulisation and controlled release of sanitizing substances designed for an effective contrast to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, but also suitable in post-emergency conditions for a more general use such as virucidal and bactericidal system.

Technical features

Devices capable of offering solutions similar to those proposed, also based on different technologies (e.g. ozone, UV), seem to already be available on the sanitizer market. However, upon closer inspection, it emerges that none of the devices sold in Italy is able to guarantee the same functionality and usability (especially in the professional field). The present invention relates to a multifunctional electromechanical device for the precision dosage of a virucidal chemical substance, the mixing of this substance with a water-based liquid phase, and the vaporization and nebulization of this mixture into the surrounding environment. TRL: 5.

Possible Applications

  • Sanitization of small and medium-sized environments.


  • Automatic procedure;
  • Control system accuracy.
  • Safe and economical process.