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This patent protects a biometric method for device authentication that uses earphones.

Technical features

Authentication methods are fundamental because they guarantee the security and privacy of people’s activities through electronic devices. Biometrics are ideal for such a purpose because they combine excellent levels of security with usability. This invention will allow users to authenticate and access their device through their earphones. Initially proximity LED sensors within the earphones record the shape of the ear canal during a predefined movement of the mandible and a machine learning algorithm elaborates the recordings to identify the person. Once the identification is complete, the person can connect to their device whenever their earphones are in place by simply moving their mouth, without touching the screen. A functioning prototype of the invention has been thoroughly tested. Minimal engineering and programming will be required to raise the TRL of the invention to a pre-market level.

Possible Applications

  • Device authentication in all scenarios when hands are busy: at an airport gate, in the crowded subway, while driving, etc.
  • Future applications may include understanding if users are eating (and what they are eating), talking, yawning, coughing, or breathing, and where they are looking.


  • User-friendly device authentication;
  • Based on biometrics for maximum security;
  • Uses a common existing accessory (earphones);
  • Does not require interaction with a screen or use of hands to authenticate;
  • Can be developed on any operative system.