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Laue lensMosaic crystalsTransmission configuration


The invention concerns a methodology for building a stiff and reliable Laue lens capable to focus low-energy gamma-rays (≥80-100 keV).

Technical features

The purpose of the invention is to provide a method for manufacturing a rigid Laue lens that overcomes some drawbacks that can be observed in the same lenses produced with other techniques, including the time for the fine adjustment of the crystals, the insufficient stability of the alignment system. The invention provides for the development of a technology that allows the realization in a much shorter time of a rigid Laue lens, which does not require continuous verification of its focusing performance, with a broad energy passband and a rigid support for maintaining the position of the crystals.

Possible Applications

  • Astrophysical applications;
  • Suitable for medical applications.


  • Technology that allows the realization of a rigid lens in much less time;
  • Wide energy passband and rigid system for maintaining the position of the crystals.