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Detoxified gluten for celiacs

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Modification with a biotechnological approach of the amino acid sequence of a gluten protein aimed at reducing / eliminating its “toxic” effects in individuals suffering from celiac disease or intolerant to gluten. The method also includes its production in heterologous expression systems for the formulation of foods for special medical purposes.

Technical features

Celiac disease is a disease characterized by the chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa triggered by the ingestion of gluten proteins in genetically predisposed subjects. The complete, rigorous and permanent elimination of gluten from the diet is the only currently available treatment available to achieve remission of symptoms and prevent complications. Gluten confers unique palability characteristics and its substitution in food remains a challenge. The invention concerns the definition and production through a multidisciplinary biotechnological approach of a gluten protein (gliadin) without toxicity or with lower toxicity, which could allow the preparation of novel foods for special medical purposes characterized by nutritional and organoleptic properties superior to those of gluten-free foods currently on the market. TRL: 3

Possible Applications

  • Food for special medical purposes;
  • Food industry.


Novel foods for celiacs characterised by:

  • Intrinsic safety;
  • Enhanced nutritional properties;
  • Enhanced organoleptic properties.