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Detector with optimized effective area



A semiconductor drift detector (SDD) for X and γ spectroscopy (coupled to a scintillator crystal) with optimized effective area. Compared to existing solutions, the introduction of a symmetry region for the electric field allows the recovery of inefficiency at the edge of detectors of any geometry and size, obtaining efficiencies around 100%, instead of the typical ~70%, and also maintaining compatibility with the detector power supply from the anodic side only.

Technical features

The increase of technological progress and application needs in the scientific and industrial fields leads to the need of excellent silicon drift chambers and integrated electronics with very low noise front-ends. Furthermore, the realization of multichannel measurement systems are necessary to meet the demand of greater sensitivity (therefore an increase in the overall active area of ​​the sensor) and high flow (subdivision of the active area into cells of small size). In this context, the invention makes  possible the maximization of  the effective area of ​​the spectroscopic SDDs, of any geometric shape, and makes the peripheral cells of monolithic matrices equivalent to the internal ones. The invention could be exploited in a multiplicity of production processes, as it is independent both from the silicon technology used for the realization of the SDDs, and the semiconductor material at the base of the product.

Possible Applications

  • Material analisys for industrial and biomedical applications and in the field of cultural heritage;
  • Analysis of food or environmental contamination;
  • Mining prospecting;
  • Airport security.


  • Maximization of the effective detection area;
  • Realization of detectors of any size and shape;
  • Edge effects minimization;
  • Compatible with power supply from the anode side only.