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Detecting Health Events From Compressed Sensed Signal

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The invention makes it possible to automatically detect significant characteristics in a compressed physiological signal (by means of the compressive sensing technique) without necessarily requiring decompression. Furthermore, the characteristics so determined can be used to assess the state of health of a subject.

Technical features

The invention allows to analyze physiological signals, and not only, acquired with sensors that directly record a compressed version of the signal, without additional computing resources and with low power consumption, a fundamental characteristic for battery-powered mobile devices. It allows to obtain information related to signal anomalies and / or events related to the health of a subject with a lower cost compared to decompression and subsequent analysis of the signal. Once an anomalous event has been determined, it is possible to send / save data for further verification using traditional methods. It further reduces energy consumption and memory usage in the device by limiting the transmission / storage of data to those related to abnormal events. Furthermore, the compressed signal preserves all the information contained in the original signal, which is not always true with traditional methods.

Possible Applications

  • Wearable Devices for Healthcare;
  • Telemedicine.


  • Acquisition of physiological signals directly in compressed form;
  • Reduction of energy consumption;
  • Reduction of memory requirements;
  • Simple computation;
  • Real-time implementation.