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DESC-glove, haptic feedback device

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DESC-Glove allows amputees or patients with sensory deficits to perceive a signal at the level of the deficient part, of an arm or of a leg and to convert it into an electrical stimulus which is in turn converted into tactile and then transfer it to a receiving part.

Technical features

DESC-glove is a device with haptic feedback that can be integrated in a prosthesis or in a deficient part of the human body, it includes a sensory interface for the prosthesis or abutment, equipped with a contact sensor capable of generating a signal following contact with the ‘object. This signal is then converted into a tactile remote stimulus at the level of a bracelet or band containing activable vibrators. The stimulation points can be varied according to the different needs of the user and the power supply system is integrated into the device’s bracelet and is easily rechargeable. Stimulation is based on a neuroscientific model of the mechanisms involved in human sensorimotor control, making feedback more intuitive and reducing cognitive effort by the user. This leads to a simpler integration of the information provided within the motor control of the gripping task by the user.

Possible Applications

  • Prosthesis;
  • Wearable devices;
  • Human-machine interfaces;
  • Replacement robotics for amputees patients;
  • Integrating solutions devices that provide haptic feedback;
  • Industrial automation control of the production chain.


  • Different stimulation modes through a simple user interface;
  • Fitting;
  • Compliance;
  • Small footprint.