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DentalShield – PPE for dental practices

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DentalShield is made up of an ad-hoc elastic membrane that creates a vacuum through the saliva aspiration system.  It can be used by any dentist, without the need for any non-commonly used equipment.

Technical features

DentalShield is a circular, transparent and flexible mask designed for dentists, orthodontics and dental hygienists. The product was designed to offer better forms of protection for a category of workers at high risk of infection from COVID-19 and other pathogens. DentalShield creates a pressured cavity that completely seals off the mouth of the patient from the outside environment, thereby protecting the dentist by preventing the spread of droplets through the aerosol. It is less noisy, bulky and expensive compared to products already present on the market, which also have a very high maintenance cost. The device already has several openings for dental equipment, as well as for one or more fibre optic endoscopic cameras, which enable dentists to operate through the use of a tablet.

Possible Applications

  • Dental practices.


  • Improved visibility thanks to one or more miniature video cameras;
  • The use of direct lighting guarantees excellent visibility, even when the patient’s mouth is not completely open;
  • It is a comfortable product, and is already used in various types of treatment;
  • It guarantees the protection of dentists, while at the same time modernising their workplace.