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CryopreservationMesenchymal cells bankingRegenerative medicineTeeth stem cells


An innovative method for cryopreserving dental pulp in order to isolate mesenchymal stem cells.

Technical features

Current methods for preserving and banking dental pulp stem cells (DPSC)  include steps in which cells are recovered from tooth, amplified and then stored in liquid nitrogen. This simpler and unexpensive method for cryopreserving DPSC in the tooth ensures excellent results in terms of post-thawing recovery percentages, cells vitality scores and their proliferative and differentiative capacity. Tooth perforation removes selectively portions of dental enamel and dentine in order to access the root canal without overheating the dental pulp; this step contributes to ensure the integrity of the cryopreserved dental tissue, the absence of bacterial contamination and an high percentage of stem cells recovery.

Possible Applications

  • Regenerative medicine;
  • Teeth and mesenchymal cells banking.


  • Simple and unexpensive method for cryopreserving mesenchymal stem cells;
  • Low risk of dental pulp and stem cells bacterial contamination;
  • Cryopreserved dental tissue integrity, high recovery percentage.