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DC-DC converter device

convertitore di potenzacurrent in-rushDC-CDDC-DCElectric MachinesInformatica Tsd EnPower converter


The invention consists in one converter device switching DC-DC with a limitation circuit of in-rush electric current and relative DC-DC conversion process. DC-DC converters are important in mobile electronic devices. They often contain several sub-circuits, requiring different voltage level from that supplied by the battery. DC-DC converters offer a method of generating different voltage levels controlled by a variable voltage battery.

Technical features

This innovation concerns of a isolated  converter device switching DC-DC boost with a power transformer composed by: primary winding and secondary winding with central socket; a reactive circuit connected in series between the socket and a node to which a continuous input voltage to be converted is applied (in particular a battery voltage); switching net with devices to selectively connecting half-windings of the secondary winding to a fixed voltage reference (in particular a mass reference) behind the control of respective switching driver signals; a circuit for limiting a inrush current in the reactive circuit.

Possible Applications

  • Mobile electronic devices powered by batteries (phones, laptop);
  • Automotive (electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles).


  • Electrical voltage level control;
  • Less space occupied;
  • Bidirectional converter;
  • Cheaper than other converters;
  • In-rush current limitation during the starting of the converter.