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Cheese with truffleDairy productsNo animal rennetNo GMO rennet


The process, which is the subject of a patent application, concerns the production of dairy products, such as cheese, through the direct use of truffles as a coagulating agent. The products that can be obtained from this process are a cream cheese, a first salt and a seasoned one.

Technical features

As the technician of the sector knows, normally the milk is poured into an open boiler. Then it is heated and a rennet or coagulant is added to the boiler to separate the protein and lipid component of the milk from its water component. In recent years there have been cheeses or dairy products on the market containing sterilised truffles, more or less coarsely shredded or smoothed. Up to now it has been possible to obtain these dairy products by mixing the curd previously obtained with traditional methods, i. e. with animal or vegetable rennet, chopped truffles or ground. In this context, a team of researchers from the University of L’Aquila invented an alternative procedure for the production of dairy products using a coagulant of non animal origin and non GMO – i. e. directly the truffle – which allows to obtain products with good physical and organoleptic qualities, with a satisfactory stability and not rejected by some categories of consumers.

Possible Applications

  • Production of dairy products containing truffles.


  • Production of dairy products using directly the truffle as rennet;
  • Satisfactory physical and organoleptic qualities;
  • Dairy products made according to the process, which are the subject of a patent application, are also accepted by certain categories of consumers who refuse dairy products made with other types of rennet.