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Customisable surface for architecture and design

Customizable surfaceSpacer-fluid systemTextureThree-dimensional spacers


The invention consists of a surface composed of one or more three-dimensional spacers connected to separation surfaces that can be continuous or discontinuous depending on the needs. Inside it, a fluid is inserted – pre/post installation as needed – which, when hardened, allows the desired shape to be preserved. Such a surface can have widespread or localized application.

Technical features

The spacer-fluid system (TRL 4) remains flexible during preparation and acquires stiffness and mechanical properties over a wide range of applications upon the fluid’s hardening. The invention consists of a matrix composed of one or more three-dimensional spacers and external or intermediate separation surfaces. Different variables allow for its customization to meet various needs. The spacer can, for example, be a single element or multiple interconnected elements. In addition, the surface can be smoothed to enhance its aesthetic appearance. If required, an additional finishing layer can also be installed as the porosity of the system ensures excellent adhesion.

Possible Applications

  • Implant functions (non-exhaustive examples include lighting systems, heating and cooling, sensors, acoustic control, etc.) according to needs, either in a widespread or localized manner;
  • Construction and design sector.


  • It allows for the creation of double-curved surfaces simply by tensioning the fabric;
  • Customization of the texture;
  • Depending on the fluidity of the cement paste and the degree of filling of the matrix, it will be possible to allow the complete exposure of the texture and the matrix itself.
  • Integration of implant systems and sensors.