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Cu2O / Carbon based electro-spun nanocomposite materials as anodes for lithium batteries

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This patent deals with the synthesis, structural and electrochemical characterization of an innovative Cu2O/C based nanocomposite material, prepared by electrospinning. The main field of use of this material is as anode material for next generation Lithium-based batteries. Thanks to the close contact between copper-based nanoparticles and the carbon nanofibers, this material can deliver impressive electrochemical performance.

Technical features

The patent describes the preparation of nano-structured composite powders, based on CuxO / C, prepared by electrospinning, to be used as active anode material for lithium ion batteries. The material obtained allows to improve the specific capacity of the electrode and to increase the energy density of the electrochemical cells. The material, in fact, was made starting from a solution in organic solvent of a suitable mixture of polymers in which a suitable precursor of the electrochemically active metal (CuxO) was dispersed. The resulting suspension is electro-spun to obtain fibrous membranes subsequently pyrolyzed in a reducing atmosphere. The carbon thus obtained shows a considerable specific surface, a high micro and macroscopic porosity and a good electrical conductivity, favored by the presence of the active metal.

Possible Applications

  • Lithium Batteries.


  • Excellent electrochemical performance;
  • Innovative structure;
  • High efficiency.