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Cryopreservation Method

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Method for cryopreservation of human biliary tree stem / progenitor cells comprising the collection and addition of a freezing solution to the cells, wherein the cryopreservation solution comprises (a) a basal medium comprising lipids, (b) hyaluronic acid (HA), (c) a cryoprotectant, (d) an antioxidant, and (e) a serum replacement factor, optionally albumin.

Technical features

Biliary stem cells can differentiate into liver, biliary and pancreatic cells. The method consists in storing the cells for months, for example, while waiting for a patient in need, and therefore to be able to have at any time cells with the same characteristics as those just isolated, which are available only in the presence of a donor. Following freezing / thawing, bile stem cells maintain a high vitality, proliferation, multipotentiality, and a high capacity for engraftment in vivo. This result was made possible thanks to the innovative composition of the freezing solution, which is also based on GMP materials already approved for clinical use. The method involves cooling the cells from an initial temperature to a final temperature at which the cells are frozen while remaining highly viable. There is no manipulation and the materials used are approved for clinical use and therefore cryopreserved stem cells can be used in clinical programs.

Possible Applications

  • Liver disease
  • Pancreatic disorders, especially diabetes


  • Potentially autologous therapy
  • Cell preservation for months
  • Cryopreserved stem cells can be used in clinical programs