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Covering element for use in construction and method for its realization

Customizable finishingFree-form surfaceMold free productionSmall series productionStraight forward production


The developed technology allows the fabrication of complex surfaces without the use of molds or ad-hoc formwork and preserving surface finishing. The limits of traditional materials such as low formal, functional and performance versatility can thus be overcome. The realizable surfaces can be used in building and architecture field. The use of this process, which preserves the surface finish, makes it possible to reduce the construction phases and consequently the construction time.

Technical features

The technology allows to create continuous/discontinuous cladding surfaces made by a cement matrix coupled with a deformable three-dimensional fabric. The production process foresees that the fabrics are first impregnated and subsequently formed by deformation through localized and / or distributed compression and traction actions without the need to create customized molds or formworks. The process developed allows to protect the surface finish (colouring, tactile effect) through a layer that is removed at the end of the process. Transparency can also be managed through a subsequent process of removing the cement fluid, in order to create localized or distributed areas with controlled transparency.

Possible Applications

The applications can be many in the field of architecture, construction and design for example:

  • Custom interior walls;
  • Custom false ceilings;
  • Furniture and furnishings;
  • Complex surfaces with a high degree of customization.


  • Creation of complex surfaces without the use of custom-made molds or formworks;
  • Finish management in terms of colour and tactile sensation;
  • Multi-performance material that allows multiple variables to be controlled with a single solution