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This technology combines the concepts of plenoptic and quantum imaging, applying them to 3D microscopy. The Correlation Plenoptic Microscope enables, by modifying and integrating an ordinary microscope, to obtain three-dimensional images in post processing, without moving either the specimen or the sensor during the acquisition. The innovative combination of high resolution and refocusing capability is the main advantage factor of the device.

Technical features

The invention consists in a 3D optical microscopy technique, based on the concept of plenoptic imaging, in which the sensor acquires combined information on the spatial distribution and the direction of light in the scene. Such composite information opens the possibility of 3D reconstruction and refocusing of initially out-of-focus parts of the specimen. In the Correlation Plenoptic Microscope, plenoptic imaging is achieved by measuring intensity correlations of light on two separate parts of the sensor, thus exploiting the quantum statistical properties of photons emitted by the sample. Actually, this method is the only plenoptic microscopy technique that does not affect image resolution, which is still set by the numerical aperture of the objective. A prototype of the Correlation Plenoptic Microscope is currently under construction.

Possible Applications

Realization of optical devices to be used in:

  • Biomedical microscopy;
  • Industrial microscopy;
  • Fluorescence imaging;
  • Depth sensing.


  • Plenoptic imaging without losing spatial resolution;
  • Refocusing capability;
  • Robustness against turbulence;
  • Unique combination of high resolution and large depth of field.