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COOLTIEd – COOLing Topologies for Integrated Electric drives

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The concept developed is the identification of a cooling solution in which the power converter, the motor winding and the cooling elements share their thermal peculiarities. The basic idea is the insertion of  a novel cooling element that is inserted at direct contact with the windings, the hottest element in the stator heat generation. The solution presented improve the performance of the power converter.

Technical features

This technology proposes a new cooling solution applicable to electric machine. The idea is to use the void space between coils applying a thermal conductive (and electric insulator) material e.g. SiC. The particular topology here proposed  permits to apply the insulator optimizing the void volumes of the electric machine, sharing thermal peculiarities of the power converter, the motor winding and the cooling elements. The insulator  was designed caved in order to permit the re-circulation of a thermal vector fluid. The thermal vector fluid helps to absorb the energy from the intercepting plate and then transfers the greatest part of that heat to the water that has to be warmed. This solution permit to improve the performances of the machine reaching an higher efficiency. Containing the temperature the machine is able to produce more power increasing the thermal dispersion and make coils able to work at lower temperatures. These new elements have also the possibility to integrate the power electronic inside the electric machines.

Possible Applications

  • Traction Drives;
  • High speed tooling drive;
  • Wind Drives;
  • Compressor drives.


  • High heat exchange;
  • Simplified construction;
  • Integration capabilities;
  • Low cost.