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Conversion of traditional vehicles to electric ones

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The invention refers to an integrated system (“Kit”) composed of all powertrain components required to transform an internal combustion vehicle into an electric vehicle.

Technical features

The electric vehicles sector is in early stages of market development. However, there is a growing demand for electrical cars, enabled by both consumers and policy-related factors. In this context, automotive components innovation, as it regards specifically to retro-fitted parts, able to convert traditional vehicles into electric-powered vehicles, has significant market potential. The patented invention is composed of all powertrain components which are mechanically, electrically and functionally integrated into a Kit. The whole Kit is easy to install by authorized mechanics and repair shops, providing increased perception of comfort and ease of driving.

Possible Applications

  • Development of complementary technologies for traditional moto-vehicular industry.


  • Reduced vehicle weight;
  • Maximised efficiency of the conversion system;
  • Reduced carbon footprint of the vechicle;
  • Affordable Kit price.