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The invention relates to a process for the production of a base containing components derived from natural sources or generated by wastes, which is suitable for the formulation of an high-end cosmetic line. The formulation is able to release active ingredients in a controlled way, ensuring optimal skin penetration and maximized effectiveness.

Technical features

The process allows the formulation of a final product reducing to a minimum the number of ingredients and raw materials, eliminating the use of some components (such as surfactants), which are generally essential in this type of preparation.
The method involves the addition in a single step, or in a couple of steps, of all the components of the formulation in the reaction environment consisting of an aqueous base. Moreover, in a few steps it is possible to obtain the formulation in its finished form.
The precise ratios between reagents allow to obtain a homogeneous gel, able to release active ingredients in a controlled and prolonged manner, according to the porosity of the matrix, in order to reduce the number of applications.

Possible Applications

  • High-end body cosmetic line;
  • Anti-aging: face cream, eye contour product;
  • Coadjuvant cream in the treatment of acne vulgaris;
  • Anti-cellulite;
  • Elasticizing body cream;
  • Scalp reinforcing product.


  • Raw materials derived from natural sources or recycling procedures;
  • Cosmetic base capable of controlling release of active substances over time;
  • Homogeneous and stable formulation without surfactants, dispersants or preservatives;
  • Versatile and easily scalable process.