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Controlled deformability partition wall with vibration-induced energy dissipation

Anti-seismic deviceAnti-siesmic partition wallEarthquake-proof furnitureSeismic energy dissipation


Partition walls for typical use within internal rooms of both residential and industrial buildings. The invention is a wall with a metal frame and glass panels and it has devices enabling the dissipation of energy induced by natural or man-made events; its characteristics are able to contrast failures in the plane (glass) of the wall as well as its out-of-plane overturning.

Technical features

Seismic-resistant partition wall that integrates innovative devices capable of deforming in a controlled manner and absorbing and dissipating the energy generated by a seismic event. The devices enable the wall to withstand significant seismic inputs while also cooperating positively with the structure to which it is anchored. The elements capable of absorbing seismic energy have dimensions and properties that allow partial dynamic decoupling of the mass of the glass plates from the remaining frame. They also allow the typical aesthetics of a glass curtain wall to be maintained (to the advantage of the minimum size of the profiles in relation to the glazed area). TRL=6/7.

Possible Applications

  • Partition wall for internal partitioning of residential, office, and commercial buildings both public and private.


  • Protection from wall overturning and glass breakage;
  • Seismic energy dissipation;
  • Easily installed and adaptable;
  • Customizable in different layouts.