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Contactless magnetic gearbox without clutch

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A magnetic gearbox without contact between the components, able to replace a traditional mechanical gearbox in the power transmission driveline. It finds applications in several industrial sectors. The idea solves some problems of a traditional gearbox, such as wearing, maintenance costs, lubrication and engagement noise.

Technical features

The magnetic gearbox, object of this invention, consists of a certain number of coaxial magnetic gears equal to the number of desired gear ratios. The internal rotor is connected to the power source and rotates at its speed. On the other hand, the external rotor is connected to the user and rotates at a speed determined by the transmission ratio of the selected gear. The intermediate element, containing ferromagnetic poles, is subject to an axial translation, to allow the torque transfer between inner and outer rotors with the desired transmission ratio. Dimensions of the magnetic gearbox and its elements (magnets, ferromagnetic poles, airgap) can be optimized to minimise the overall dimensions in order to maximise the torque transfer capability between input and output of the system.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial automation and robotics;
  • Automotive;
  • Aerospace;
  • Wind industry.


  • Contactless power transmission, environmental benefit (no lubrication);
  • Economic benefit (reduced maintenance);
  • Higher reliability and efficiency;
  • Integrated torque limiter (no clutch);
  • Lower transmission noise.