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The invention refers to a method of designing and manufacturing a self-supporting curved work, for example an arch, vault or dome, without the use of traditional provisional scaffolds (or ribs). This will speed up the construction phases of masonry structures, significantly reducing the costs associated with materials and manpower; as well as the risks for workers.

Technical features

The invention relates to the construction sector of marura products. In particular to the creation of curved roofing systems. In particular, the proposed solution makes it possible to construct supporting structural elements of the desired size by lifting the blocks forming the covering. The main advantages are the rapidity of realization, ease of execution, speed of laying, safety for workers and reduction of the economic burden. In fact, as is known, structural curved works imply the realization of temporary structures on which the elements are placed according to the curved direction and then dismantled. Precisely the construction and removal of temporary works entails considerable costs, depending on time and risk caused by temporal interference on site.

Possible Applications

  • Construction in situ;
  • Realization of load-bearing curves;
  • Realization of seismic-resistant structures.


  • Constructive precision;
  • Simple and quick execution;
  • Allows to assemble the structure in situ, avoiding to transport a pre-assembled structure from another place;
  • Allows the installation in safety, even at high altitude;
  • Reduces time and costs.