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Compressive sensing radar (GBSAR) with multiple antennas (MIMO)

Ground based radarInformatica Tsd EnMIMO System


The invention consists of a synthetic aperture-based ground radar (GBSAR) using Compressive Sensing (CS) techniques and a random arrangement of transmit and receive antennas (MIMO). The invention is therefore the synthesis of two new paradigms in the radar field, the MIMO technology and the Compressive Sensing.

Technical features

The patented radar surpasses its mechanical predecessors by speeding up the detection operations thanks to a main radar unit equipped with multiple antennas, in transmission and reception, and implementing the processing technique called Compressive Sensing (CS) to reduce the number of antennas without reducing the angular resolution of the instrument. With the same number of antennas, the sensor ultimately has a better angular resolution. The Compressive Sensing radar – MIMO can be used not only in traditional scenarios, but also for dynamic monitoring with resolution in range and azimuth of structures such as bridges and towers.

Possible Applications

  • Target moving remote sensing;
  • Monitoring of architectural structures;
  • Monitoring of landslides;
  • Monitoring of caves and open pits.


  • Reduced mechanical components;
  • Antennas reduction;
  • Larger antennas.