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Estrogens regulate women’s hepatic metabolism. The invention concerns the use of specific amino acids as dietary supplements to normalize the hepatic estrogens receptor activity. Said composition help restoring the proper hepatic metabolism in the absence of circulating estrogens, therefore can contribute to the prevention of post-menopause-associated pathologies.

Technical features

Estrogen hormone replacement therapies can counteract the onset of many metabolic dysfunctions associated with the post-menopause phase; however, patient’s compliance to the therapy is compromised by the potential side effects and by scepticism raised from some deceptive clinical studies.  The prevention of post-menopause-related diseases remains an unmet medical need.

To adapt female reproduction to energetic resources availability, regulatory mechanisms of the hepatic estrogen receptor driven by specific amino acids evolved. Thanks to this knowledge we produced a nutritional composition enriched in essential amino acids, particularly branched amino acids. The composition, validated at preclinical level, can normalize the hepatic metabolic homeostasis. The innovative composition prevents dysmetabolism and the increase in body weight that is associated with ovarian dysfunction.

Possible Applications

  • Prevention of metabolic alterations in postmenopausal women;
  • Prevention of metabolic dysfunction associated with pathological ovarian insufficiency;
  • Prevention of diseases associated with ovarian ablation;
  • Reduction of dysmetabolisms typical of menopause.


  • Employment of physiological components to regulate metabolic activities;
  • Nutritional supplement;
  • The nutritional/dietary approach does not carry the side-effects potential which is associated with the use of estrogen hormonal therapies.