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Composition for the treatment of skin lesion


The invention relates to a composition based on the protein lactoferrin and the mesoglycan, a natural mixture of glycosaminoglycans, for the treatment of skin lesions of different kinds and degrees.

Technical features

The composition based on the association of lactoferrin and mesoglycan have shown a significant pro-healing effect in vitro. It acts speeding up the migration and invasion processes of human keratinocytes, fibroblasts and endothelial cells. The combination potentiates the function of each compound also favoring the in vitro angiogenesis and the fibroblasts proliferation. The action of lactoferrin plus mesoglycan appeared particularly effective in the induction of keratinocytes differentiation, fibroblasts switch into myofibroblasts and the mesenchymal transformation of endothelial cells, all events defined crucial in the wound healing complex program. Finally, thanks to the lactoferrin antimicrobial role, a feature lacking to mesoglycan, the whole combination inhibits the bacterial biofilm formation. This data adds another important strength to the composition making it appealing for the treatment of skin lesions. Indeed, acting in the various step of wound healing, this association represents a good mixture of active principles for the development of a topical patch.

To this invention can be attributed a TRL=3.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment of chronic skin lesions (or skin ulcers).


  • Enhanced pro-healing action on skin lesions;
  • Antimicrobial effect on the bacterial biofilm formation;
  • Easy application of the developing modulated-release patch to the wound bed.